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Facing an Inner Debate Between a Sh*tstorm and a Clusterf*ck


“Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Precious Readers,

I’m not what the repercussions for placing a Futurama-themed meme with a Gandhi quote are, but hopefully it’s all good.

As most of us know, life is complicated.  Tack on adolescence, dating, breakups, school, jobs, adulthood, marriage, kids, taxes, home ownership vs. renting, taking care of aging loved ones, etc.

What do you choose when someone places you in an impossible situation? A complete lose/lose? One where due to someone else’s actions, it sticks you with a moral and ethical dilemma, that will potentially make you the bad guy?

A friend of mine was placed into one of these no win, practically impossible to solve, situations. I won’t even provide this person a nickname, to give my friend and the other people involved their much needed privacy on this issue. However, it is weighing heavily on my heart and in my mind, and I propose the question to you as well. Although I’ve already nicknamed this friend in prior posts, for today, we will leave this friend as Friend X.

X spent several years studying for her hard-earned, and well deserved degree. As with many college students, X met others in her chosen field. This included a significant other we’ll call “Guy.” X and Guy grew from friendship during school, and briefly dated. This relationship included X meeting Guy’s family. Fairly serious. As time went on, X and Guy realized they were not destined to remain in a romantic relationship, opting instead to maintain a platonic relationship.

Over the next two years, X and Guy remained friends, Guy found a girlfriend who soon became Wife. X, Guy, and Wife all stayed friends with each other, and even kept in touch. X and Guy graduated, X moved back to Washington from school, and Guy stayed in their alma mater’s state with his Wife.

Fast forward eight years: Guy and Wife have two children, X is comfortable in a successful career, and periodically they all contact each other to see how life is treating them.

Guy had an opportunity to travel to the West Coast, and in doing so, called up X to reconnect after years of not hanging out face-to-face. X, being the friendly person X is, said “Sure!” and they decided to meet up for coffee. They arrive, had great conversation, laughed about life and love, all of the normal things a person does when reconnecting with old buddies.

As the conversation flowed, X was feeling like life was pretty darn good. Apparently, so was Guy, as he proceeded to then hit on my friend, X, inviting X up to Guy’s hotel room.

Yes, you read that correctly. Guy is still married, and still has a family of two kids with Wife.

X is a highly moral and ethical person. At Guy’s (indecent) proposal, X immediately said “No,” and things turned awkward. X got up from the table and left. All the while, Guy is apologizing and begging X not to tell Wife about Guy’s indecent proposal.

I was sitting at home, vegging out for a typical Friday afternoon to settle in for the weekend, when I received a text from X asking if I could meet up with her. After sorting out time and location, I met up with X and fell subject to X rehashing the uncomfortable events with Guy.

Thus came the dreaded question…


“What do I do? I feel horrible. Do I tell Wife? Do I let it go?”

I told X the following:

  • This is not your fault.
  • This is GUY’S fault.
  • I’m so sorry this happened.
  • I’m sorry Guy didn’t respect you, Wife, or his family enough to make such a poor decision.
  • He’s an asshole for attempting to step out on Wife.
  • He may even be a “nice guy,” who decided he had an opportunity (temptation) and decided to see if he could get away with it. Even though he loves Wife/kids. Just thought this “one time” he’d see if he could have a secret to himself.*

*He may even be a great husband/father. He may have just been too tempted to see if this one time he could do something out of character. Either way, it was a bad decision whether it was a continual habit of his, or a one-time thing.

As far as what X should do?  Well, this gets tricky. As a woman who has been in a long-term relationship and marriage with someone, I had to basically ask myself the following questions and gave my opinions as such:

Would I want to know?
For me, the answer is YES. I would want to know.


What was my significant other like before we were serious?
Was that person a player? Have they been flirty their whole life? Have we recently gotten bored, angry, upset, resentful of each other? Has the other person shown lack of interest in me? Have I shown lack of interest in them?

What about our kids?
This doesn’t really apply to me, specifically, as I don’t have kids. However, I would be lying if I thought that having children as part of our lives wouldn’t have any impact on how I move forward after receiving news that, according to an outside party, my significant other attempted to get some physical attention outside of our relationship. If we stayed, would we get counseling? Would we separate? How would we create new lives for ourselves? How do you talk to your children about it? Should you mention it to your children? I’m not an expert and have no basis for providing advice.


Was it a one-time thing, or a long-term affair?
Now, I can’t speak for myself for either of these situations how I would react, as I have not had to face this particular situation before. Not belittling one betrayal over another, a betrayal is what it is, no matter how long it has been going on. That being said, there are relationships that are able to move past a discretion (or several). Each relationship is as unique as a fingerprint. I can’t say for myself.

And the overall question that everyone has to ask themselves:

Do I believe it?
I would take what was said, say thank you to the messenger, and end the conversation. After walking away, I would have to take in the messenger’s character into debate. I would have to take Pilot’s character into debate. Then, make a decision about our future together.

Pilot and I have a mutual understanding that we’re not just “desperate to not die alone,” we’re not “staying together because we’ve been together for so long,” it’s not “we’re together because I didn’t want to break up with you,” and we’ve agreed to never, “stay together because we have children together.” We make a daily conscious effort to choose each other as a life partner because we want** the other person.

We choose to say to each other:

  • I care about what happens to you.
  • I enjoy spending my time with you.
  • I value, treasure, and celebrate your existence as a human being.
  • How you feel has an effect on how I feel.
  • I feel better when you are happy.
  • I choose to support you emotionally because I want to.
  • I choose and make an effort to prove that I should be the person you can count on, because I want to be that person.
  • I find you continually, and increasingly, incredibly attractive and enjoy being around your divine buns.

Ok, that last part might have been TMI.

**Note, I said “want.” I did not say “need.” I never want to be needed or need someone else. I only need God. It’s up to God, Pilot’s choices, and my choices to be sure that it’s right to share our lives with each other.


All of these thoughts ran through my mind as my friend patiently waited form me to gather my thoughts and work them out in my head. The added factor was, since Wife was in a faraway state, there was no way for friend X to be able to talk to Wife in person. It would have to be via phone or email. This isn’t verbatim, but this is a paraphrased version of what I said to her:

“Well, friend X:  If it were my significant other (SO), I’d want to know. I don’t know what I’d do with that information after I was told, but it would depend on who told me, what the circumstances were with my relationship with SO and the situation SO was in when the incident occurred. It gets tricky since Guy and Wife have children. You definitely should tell her. It sucks and is horrible that Guy didn’t respect you enough and forced you into this rock and hard place. He’s an asshole and needs to be held responsible for his actions. I think you should tell Wife that you are in no way interested in him, that you refused him immediately, that you left right after it happened, and have made no contact with him since.

“You should be mentally prepared for one of the following reactions from Wife, and be able to live with it:

  • Wife blames you/freaks out and she cuts ties with you. You must be ready for that kind of reaction. It sucks, but it’s true.
  • Wife doesn’t believe you, calls you a liar, and she cuts ties with you.
  • Wife believes you, but she blames you/freaks out/harasses you. You need to be prepared to cut ties with her.
  • Wife believes you, thanks you for the information. She still cuts ties with you because it will be painful.
  • Wife believes you, thanks you for the information. She keeps in touch. (This would be highly tricky to navigate, and probably most unlikely.)
  • Some combination of the above.

“No matter what, however Wife reacts is on Guy and her. It has nothing to do with you. Guy’s terrible choice is what causes Wife’s reaction. Not you. Also, however she chooses to move forward with this information is between Wife and Guy. Whether they stay together or not, that’s between them. Either way, you are just the messenger, and it is not your fault. It’s GUY’S fault. We can only hope they choose to get counseling, or choose to be happy apart. Either way, it’s up to them to decide how to repair their own hearts. Not you. You did nothing wrong.


I further offered that if X decided to write Wife an email, I’d be happy to go over it with fresh eyes to ensure nothing could be misunderstood.

Now, Precious Readers, as I said, friend X is an incredibly ethical and moral person. So much so, she tends to blame herself for things that are beyond her control. I’m sure if I asked her today, she’d still feel guilty. This is victim blaming. It is not her fault. Friend X: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

So what happened?

A few weeks later, friend X and I got back together and had coffee. X shared that she ended up calling Wife and had a phone conversation.

It turned out this was not the first time this had happened between Guy and Wife. This asshat had tried to hit on one of his/Wife’s friends a couple of years earlier. At the time, they decided to work through it. Looks like another decision will have to be made.

Wife ended up thanking X. X had luckily adhered to my advice that no matter how much Wife wanted to further discuss the situation or require guidance of how to proceed, the decision should ultimately be made between Wife and Guy, and that X was “just the messenger.” Going any further into decision making was ill advised.

Did Guy and Wife stay together, you may ask? I have no idea. Their relationship direction is between them.

What would you have done in that situation? Leave comments*** below.

***ANY comments deemed victim shaming will be immediately removed from this blog. While I believe in healthy debate, I also believe in respectful debate. ANY comments deemed hurtful, shaming, blaming, or otherwise may and will be removed. Let’s keep it kind. When in doubt, be kind.



Nimitz says:
Nimitz 7


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That’s right. You’re amazing, and I want to acknowledge that you’re amazing.

Love and hugs!

Realizing Noodles Are Too Much To Ask For


Hello Precious Readers,

Did I share some Korea adventures with you?  I didn’t? Well, here’s an interesting fun fact: You never get what you order.  It’s true.  The food is amazing, don’t get me wrong. Each meal had such a depth of flavor from simple ingredients. However, I’m guessing it’s a cultural thing, the food is never what you order.

For every single meal, except for ordering from the Korean-version of Burger King a few times, Pilot and I had a culinary-cultural experience every chance possible. We never cooked. The food is highly affordable, even with both of us on government salaries. If you can afford the travel costs of getting to Korea, it is one of the most affordable places to stay.

Pilot and I are a product of the American school system, so we only speak English. To speed along ordering (and frustration) of our wait staff, Pilot and I would perform the following procedure:

  1. Find a place to eat
  2. Decide what we are going to eat before going inside the premises
  3. Take a photo of the item(s) we would like to order
  4. Show the photo(s) to the wait staff
  5. Wait staff is happy we are not being rude Americans, and willing to meet the restaurant staff halfway with rational brains instead of “vacation brain.”

Now, this procedure has some interesting twists. With each place we ate, no matter the owner, server, gender of server, or length of time the restaurant had been established, this exact same thing would happen:

  1. We show the photo(s) of food we would like to order
  2. Wait staff is pleased we are willing to work with them about ordering since there is a language barrier
  3. Wait staff (either with gestures, or if they spoke English) would explain what we wanted is not something we should order
  4. Wait staff would provide us Options A, B, and C to try instead

Here’s where it gets interesting. Let’s say, for example, Pilot and I chose to eat Option B.

Wait staff would then say, “No, no. You don’t want Option B.”

Pilot and I would then select another option, say Option A.

Wait staff would then say, “No, no. You don’t really want Option A.”

Perplexed, Pilot and I would then say, “Ok. Option C, it is!”

Wait staff would then say something along the lines of, “Good choice!”

After some time passes for food to be prepped and cooked, Pilot and I would chit chat, talk about our next adventure(s), take a break from the sweltering heat, suck in air conditioning as the precious resource it is during a Korean summer, and sip some water.

Then, The Feast.

The wait staff returns to bring out each of our meals.

Guess what? The food is none  of the of the items featured in Options A, B, or C. Nor, is it the food that we originally ordered. Instead, we were brought a Mystery Meal that was flavorful, aromatic, fulfilling, and refreshing… But NONE of the items we had selected, were suggested to us, or what we ended up actually ordering.

After Pilot and I returned state-side, we noticed this happens every so often in various Asian culture cuisine when dining in the actual restaurant. Living in Washington, we have a high Asian population in this state and eateries of various and vast cultures here. We have Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, etc., the list goes on and on.

At first it was comical, but now I’m realizing…

God does not want me to have noodles.


I’m serious. Any Asian noodle dish composing of hot, cold, dry, soup, savory, sweet, spicy, zero heat, elaborate, basic ramen… I am being re-routed from eating noodles everywhere I go.

This theory has been bubbling in my brain since Korea trip in August 2016, and each noodle-instance since then has been a difficult and arduous task that I have difficulty completing. Or eating.

It has never been more apparent to me that I am to be refused Asian noodles than an incident that occurred this week on Wednesday.

Precious Readers, this has been a most difficult week. I’ve been distracted, I’ve procrastinated from writing, I’ve tried throwing myself into work in my day job to ignore my problems, but sometimes life just doesn’t work out that way. No matter what you do to avoid or run from your problems, they eventually catch up to you.

This week, I received two sets of horrible news.

On Monday, I received news that a friend of mine passed away.

On Tuesday, a family member (FM) who was recently diagnosed with cancer, went into surgery on Tuesday. The results of the surgery were not good, much worse than expected. It’s been difficult for FM, myself, and the rest of the family to process this news.

Tuesday evening, Pilot and I drove to visit said FM in the hospital. This is no easy drive. On a good day, it takes 30+ minutes. In rain, such as a fall torrential rains, this can take upward to 2 hours from our home. Tuesday evening, was luckily mild rain and only took about 40 mins. (After realizing I drove us to the wrong hospital and had to drive a few blocks over for the correct one.)

We visited FM and were at the hospital for a couple of hours. We then drove up to FM’s home and stayed with FM’s Spouse overnight so Spouse wasn’t alone for the evening. Spouse’s home is even further away from the hospital than my home is. On a good day, the drive is 1 hour 15 minutes. On a bad day, this can take upwards to 2+ hours.  Keep in mind, the times I’m giving you are one-way.

Pilot stayed on the couch, and I (non)slept in a recliner that refused to recline.

Wednesday, Pilot and I both took the day off and drove Spouse from their home to pick up FM and back. Now, when I say we, I mean ME. Both Spouse and Pilot are people who are not comfortable, nor good, at city driving. They’re good in the fact that no one gets injured and no damage is provided to our own or other’s vehicles, but city driving requires an aggressive touch, split-second decision-making, narrow lanes, pedestrians and bicyclists who refuse to follow the law, and knowing that parking is a premium. Especially parking areas that allow you to actually maneuver your car somewhat easily.

This means, drove. The entire way. Back and forth. Then, once FM and Spouse were settled at home, drove Pilot and myself back home. The distance between FM/Spouse’s home and my own is its own 40 minutes on average.  Wednesday, the sky decided to open up and dump buckets worth of water all over the entire area. Wipers on high, bumper-to-bumper traffic, little visibility, and angry-stuck-in-traffic-drivers to deal with. Oh, and Pilot and I had no sleep the night before after a long and stressful day previously.

Believe it or not, I prefer to completely avoid confrontation. I avoid it as much as possible. No matter your or my mood, if you treat me with respect, I will reciprocate. However, if provoked, I will respond. Pilot learned early on, don’t poke the bunny.

What does this have to do with noodles?
(That’s right, I didn’t forget. This really does have to do with noodles.)

I dropped off Pilot at home, along with Nimitz. (Don’t worry. We didn’t’ forget about Nimitz. Luckily FM/Spouse love Nimitz and he’s always welcome in their home, even overnight. They’re some of the few people he doesn’t go full-Nimitz-bezerker on.)

Pilot was an emotional wreck. He needed time to just rest, and I had more energy than he. I agreed to drop them off at home, then go get some lunch/dinner for all of us. I decided to get both meals, so we could rest and not have a need to leave home again for the rest of the day in the (continued) torrential rain.

I decided to go to a local restaurant that specialized in Vietnamese food. We are regulars at this location and have enjoyed their food for years. I’d say we attend this location once every other month or so.

Walking into the location, it was at an odd hour, probably close to 3:45pm. It was completely devoid of customers, save for one couple eating quietly at one of the tables.

I knew something was different when it was a woman wearing headphones and looking at her cell phones at the register. Each time I’ve gone to this restaurant there was a man who handles the front area. Here’s how the pleasantries were exchanged.

Me: Hello.
Her: What? (Still has ear buds in.)
Me: I’d like to place a to-go order, please.
Her: What? (Takes out one ear bud.)
Me: I’d like to place a to-go order, please.
Her: Ok, what do you want?
Me: I’d like 2 banh mi sandwiches, 2 pho, and 2 vermicelli noodle bowls, please*.

Note to Precious Readers: Keep in mind, each order of food were identical to avoid having any confusion about the order. the sandwiches were exactly the same, and the noodle dish was exactly the same. No substitutions, no special changes to the order.  I used to wait tables. I know the struggle. The struggle is real.

*Note: I said please.

Her: For pho, do you want large or blaudlhka?
Me: I’m sorry, would you mind repeating that?
Her: Do you want large or phadoewkloos?
Me: I’m sorry, large or what was the other choice?
Guy from the couple sitting at the table:  She wants to know if you want large or regular size.
Me: <Turns around to man, but says in polite voice.> Oh, thank you.  I’d like both pho’s to be large please.
Her: Ok. That will be $50.00.

I don’t even balk at the price. The money is worth it to just go home and rest.  I know that the order will take a while, but that’s fine. I’ve been in the car all day and night driving from one end of the state to the other. I say, “Okay,” pay for the meal, and write a $5.00 tip. This lunch/dinner has cost me $55.00 and some obscure amount of cents I can’t remember.

Finding a chair, I sit down and fiddle with my phone. I don’t want to disturb anyone, so I ensure my phone is on silent so it’s not beeping, or vibrating, or making any kind of clicking sound. I hate sitting next to someone whose phone is constantly beeping even though it’s not actually ringing.

At this point, no new customers have entered the restaurant. There is still only the one couple and the cashier is back on her phone.

My phone goes off, and it’s my friend, Caring. Being a conscientious patron of eateries, I say, “Hello, hold on.”  I take my phone and walk outside of the restaurant and talk with her outside. We chat for 20 minutes, catching each other up on the latest news. I’m not talking loudly, because there are other people outside as well, and I don’t want my voice to be heard inside.

I peek back inside. I see the cashier bagging some boxes of food, and it’s piled high. I end the call with Caring saying, “I think my food is ready.”

Walking up to the cashier, the cashier has disappeared. She reappears, sees me, and says, “We’re still waiting on the soup.”  I say, “Oh, okay, sorry. I’ll be over here.”  I did not bother her again about the food.

Sitting down, I continue to play on my phone. Another 15 minutes go by. I hear cashier bag up the groceries.

She walks over the 2 bags to the table.


I thank her, and turn to leave the restaurant. I’m mid-step, halfway out of the restaurant, when I hear this:

Her: You know we have a phone number, right?
Me: (Still polite voice.) Sorry, excuse me?
Her: We have a phone number.
Me: (Pauses, puzzled.  Was I missing something?)
Her:  Next time you should call first, not walk in.

I balked. I looked around the restaurant. The couple was almost finished with their meal. No one else had entered the restaurant. There was no one else to wait on, it wasn’t a lunch or dinner rush. They hadn’t received any phone calls for to-go orders that I was aware of. This woman literally had nothing to do and had been on her cell phone the entire time except for when boxing up containers the kitchen staff had prepared.  Not her.

I was almost out the door. She never had to see me again. I could’ve been at home, enjoying my lunch with Pilot while we took a breath after a harrowing 24+ hours on no sleep. 72 hours of horrible news. 72+ hours of complete devastation. Plus traffic and rain. We just wanted a quiet meal and a nice evening of noodle soup and noodle bowls, with a couple of sandwiches thrown in for fun.  I was polite. I didn’t intentionally harass her about the “timing” of my order. I took my phone call outdoors. There was no one else in the restaurant. And she absolutely had to just shit on my day.

Precious Readers, I bring this statement up again. I prefer to completely avoid confrontation. I avoid it as much as possible.

Don’t. Poke. The. Bunny.

As I looked at this woman gaining sheer satisfaction of attempting to put a(nother) rain cloud over my day, I contemplated the numerous ways I could respond. I won’t go into details in fear of incriminating myself. I’ll use those thoughts as inspiration for another mystery novel down the road.


For those who know me actively in life, I have no filter. I’m polite, I’m respectful, but I have no filter. I also can get loud. For those who know me, you will be proud of the amount of restraint I managed to find myself capable of when dealing with a horrible, boot scrape, scum of the earth person determined to be the thorn in everyone’s side.

I turned to her.


In my peripheral vision, I noticed the back stiffen of the female of the couple. I paid her no mind and continued to look at the cashier.

Me: Ma’am, my friend died on Monday. On Tuesday FM went into surgery for cancer where we were informed by the surgeon that it was the worst case of prostate cancer he had ever seen in his entire career. In the last 24 hours I’ve driven from City A to City B, which was at least an hour each way, twice. I barely been in town from City A which was another hour of driving. I decided to purchase dinner on the way home so I didn’t have to drive anymore. So  I’m sorry that I didn’t call first. I didn’t have time to make a phone call from all of the driving I’ve been doing. But, believe me. I will be sure to call first. I apologize for not utilizing your phone number.

I grabbed my bags and walked out the door.

The part I didn’t add, was that this restaurant has 2 locations in Washington. Their phone number is not accurate on any search engine because they don’t bother to fix it. Their number has been wrong for longer that I’ve lived in this city. If you call the number, you don’t get my location’s staff. It goes to the other one. Orders get mixed up all of the time.

As I reached the end of my “apology,” I saw her eyes get big. She kept going, “Oh. Oh.”

For those who know me, you will be proud. I didn’t swear. I didn’t raise my voice. I didn’t make it personal to her. I didn’t bring up the fact that she was lazy, on her phone, didn’t bother to take out her ear buds to take my order. I didn’t bring up the fact, that I have been a wait staff person before and understand what it’s like when it’s busy. I didn’t bring up the fact that it wasn’t busy.  I took my phone call outside. I paid the $50 PLUS TIP for this experience. Shame on me.

I just “apologized” and left from my last visit at this location.

Feeling (only a little bit) guilty, I was on the phone with my mother.

Me: I had to self-ban myself from (restaurant).
Mom: Why?
Me: I may or may not have blasted an employee.
Mom: Which means you did.
Me: I swear, I didn’t provoke it!
Mom: I know you didn’t. You’re not that person. I’m sure whoever it was deserved it.
(I rehash the sitch with Mom.) Yup, definitely deserved it.
Me: I hate bad customer service.
Mom: I know. It’s one of your biggest pet peeves.
Me: You’ll be proud. I didn’t use profanity or insult her or their restaurant. Their food is awesome, but that totally wasn’t worth it.
Mom: Hmm…
Me: What?
Mom: Oh. Well, that one time you, Pilot, and I ate there last?
Me: Yeah?
Mom: They overcharged me. I haven’t wanted to go back.
Me: They overcharged you?
Mom: Yes, our dinner was $30, but they charged me $80.
Mom: Yes. And that was before tip.

Lesson learned: Noodles are too much to ask for.

Release Day! Release Day! CAPTURE ME Release Day!

Hello Precious Readers!

Yes, you get an exclamation mark, not a comma. That’s how excited I am! Today is the RELEASE DAY for my first book CAPTURE ME: A Roxy Summers Mystery!


Fake Therapist Voice: Now how does that make me feel?
Me: ExcitedHappyJoyfulGiddyInAweIncredibleAndAWeeBitNervous
Fake Therapist Voice: That’s not one emotion
Me: If you had one moment to be in my head, you’d know that those are ALL ONE EMOTION.

Yes, Precious Readers, this also means you can get it in PRINT! E-BOOK AND PRINT!

I don’t know if it’s normal to have your release day the same as the beginning of a writer’s conference, but that’s what I have. I’m literally in the middle of finalizing my packing for the Emerald City Writer’s Conference. But, I took a pause from packing to make sure we stayed connected. Yes, you and me, Precious Readers!


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I love this conference so much! The writers are a supportive bunch, we laugh, we drink, we advise, and learn. Let’s just say the phrase, “Work Hard, Play Harder” has never applied so much as it does in this moment.

On top of that, there’s the FREE BOOK READER APPRECIATION EVENT tomorrow night, Saturday, October 15th! A PUBLIC AND FREE EVENT to meet 60 authors all giving away FREE PRINT copies of their book! This includes ME! I’ll be there giving away 25 copies of my book.

The Westin Bellevue, October 15th from 6 PM-8 PM
Be there, or be without chocolate.


They call it a Booktail party. I’m so excited to be a part of this event as a presenter instead of an attendee. This also means social interaction, but it’s forcing me to undergo social interaction for good reasons. I will be there with a nervous and excited smile on! I’ll also have goodies at my space (chocolate) and giving away 3 e-book copies of CAPTURE ME.

I hope to see you there!

Fair warning, the weather is going to be massively, irritatingly shitty this weekend. No sugarcoating it. Tons of rain, humidity, and high winds. GOOD NEWS! The Westin Bellevue is in the heart of downtown Bellevue and has many, many covered parking lots. One parking lot is directly underneath the hotel itself!

I’m excited to learn, reconnect with other writers, meet new writers, and meet some of my publishing team face-to-face… and maybe some fans?

See you later!

SEE ME LIVE – Passport to Romance, Oct. 15th, Bellevue Westin

This Saturday, I will be attending to Emerald City Writer’s Conference 2016. This conference  includes Passport to Romance! A FREE, public event for you to meet 60 authors (including ME) and get FREE BOOKS  AND SWAG!


Hope to see you there!

CAPTURE ME (A Roxy Summers Mystery Book #1) – Available for pre-order NOW, and releases Oct. 14th, 2016!

Available NOW for PRE-ORDER!



First, a blog.

Then, a BOOK.



Oh, my!


Excuse me. I’m not sure where that came from.


Hello, Precious Readers!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  My book CAPTURE ME is set to release OCTOBER 14th, 2016, and even BETTER news, it’s available for PRE-ORDER NOW!

Use any of the links below to pre-order your copy of the first of THREE books in the Roxy Summers Mystery Series!

That’s right! As of today, I’m officially contracted for THREE books and will be releasing a series! You’re going to get THREE doses of Roxy Summers coming at you!

Please enjoy an exclusive excerpt below, and the official release in print and e-book will be OCTOBER 14th!
Pre-Order your copy today!
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Nothing ends a first date faster
than finding a dead body.
(Roxy Summers Mystery Book #1)

Photographer and sassy Seattle-lite Roxy Summers swears off men after catching her ex-boyfriend, a.k.a. her ex-boss, in a compromising position. Newly single and facing eviction, Roxy puts all distractions (men!) aside as she begins her new job assisting an international fashion photographer and notorious playboy.

No one told Roxy her new job would entail dealing with her new boss’ fiery temper, his emotional girlfriend, his conniving ex-mistress, his partner who has a melt-the-polar-ice-caps blinding smile, have her stumbling over a body, become an amateur detective and find herself annoyingly attracted to Detective Charlie Bennett, who seems determined to put Roxy in handcuffs!

Amazon Kindle   Barnes & Noble   Kobo   Smashwords


Here’s an excerpt from
(Roxy Summers Mystery Book #1)!

I hope you enjoy reading all of CAPTURE ME as much as I enjoyed writing Roxy’s story.

Pre-order your copy today!
Available in both print and e-book OCTOBER 14TH!


Several police cars arrived and parked haphazardly. The area soon filled up from at least a dozen people from the Seattle Police Department. An ambulance was parked a few feet away from me, outside of the entrance to the studio.
Dylan was being questioned by a female police officer. He’d arrived at the studio shortly after I did. He was too far away for me to hear anything he was saying, but I watched him gesture to me, then the entrance, and then turned back to the officer.

All of the flashing lights, squawking from radios, and police officers scuttling about started to make my mind swirl. My vision blurred as the sounds all glommed together.

“I don’t feel so good,” I mumbled.

“We got a fainter!” called out one of the EMTs.

As I tipped forward, a pair of cargo pants and black military boots appeared in my field of vision. I fell against something warm and solid. A pair of warm, tanned arms slid around behind my back and my under my knees, carrying me towards the ambulance. I was placed in a sitting position on the back steps of the vehicle and felt the person gently press my face downward.

“Put your head between your legs. You’re in shock.” I felt soft fabric against my skin as he wrapped a blanket around me. “Inhale through your nose, hold briefly, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this three times and count them off for me.”

I did as the voice told me. After a few minutes, I eased myself back up with the help of the stranger. “Thanks.”

“Take your time, ma’am.”

Looking up, I blinked through the flashing lights from the police vehicles to connect the voice to the man. He stood about six feet, sporting a navy blue t-shirt that hugged a medium but muscular build. His face was also slightly tanned from too many days working out in the sun. As I took in his face, I noticed a small white scar on his upper lip, a five-o’clock shadow dusting his jaw line, and a slightly crooked nose, as if it had seen one too many bar fights. His dark blond hair was cut short, and his eyes were a hazel green that held my gaze.

“You have nice eyes” I said, giving him a watery smile.

Something reflected off his chest. I noticed a set a dog tags hanging from his neck. Suddenly a flash of Laurent with the scarf wrapped around his neck crossed my mind, and I started to feel woozy again.

He sighed and pushed me back down.

Once the second wave of nausea passed, I sat back up.

He inspected my face, probably checking if the color had come back. “Better?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

He pulled out a badge and held it up to me. “I’m Detective Bennett with SPD. Do you feel that you’re able to answer a few questions for me now, ma’am?”

“I guess so.”

He studied me, gave a brief nod, and pulled out a small notepad and pen. “Your full name, please.”

“Roxanne Summers. Roxy.”

“And how did you know the victim, Ms. Summers?”

“My boss, I mean Lauren-, well, he’s my boss. Er, I guess I mean, was. I’m a photographer. But not here. Here, I’m just an assistant for the studio. A gofer. You know, go for coffee, go pick up his dry cleaning, that sort of thing. Not that I wouldn’t want to have been an assistant photographer. I used to be one, but I kind of screwed up that opportunity, which is why I’m here. But this is a good job, too. Er, I mean, was a good job. I mean … Oh, no. Does this mean I don’t even have a job now? What about the proofs? I never ordered the proofs! I meant to send them in for pickup on Monday! Er … but, I guess we don’t need them now. Wait, Tessa still needs them. Can I go get the proofs? Oh, I’m talking too much, aren’t I?”

Detective Bennett just stared at me.

I blushed. At least I had some color in my cheeks.

He waited a few seconds and cleared his throat. “Do you have reason to believe Mr.-” he paused to check his notes, “-Hunt would want Mr. Garnier dead?”

“Excuse me?”

The detective just waited.

“Of course not! Dylan and Laurent are, uh, were, I guess now, friends. The only reason we were here was to meet for our first date, and then go to dinner.”

“A date?”

“I don’t bother wearing heels without a good reason,” I deadpanned.

Detective Bennett’s neutral expression didn’t budge.

Huh. Tough crowd.


It’s Simple: Everybody Love Everybody

Precious Readers,

It breaks my heart to announce that over the weekend, another one of the students, a mere sophomore at the area I work in, committed suicide. I regret to inform you that I can no longer count the combined number of suicides and deaths by shooting in my area. My heart and prayers go out to this child’s family and loved ones. Out of respect for the family, I will comment no further on this particular incident.

The environment has been sorrowful, confusing, and heartbreaking. These are our community’s children. They are our future who have dashed their chances of changing the world, to love, and to be loved. They’ve barely scraped the surface of life. I know when I was in school, that felt mostly adult. Now, in my 30’s I can easily say, they’re kids. They’re children.

Let me assure you, we care about ALL of the kids. We care about their home life. We care about preserving their future.


There are so many behind the scenes planning, processes, and protections in place for students, and even more so for students who ask for help.


We have a team of counselors, a psychologist, and of course, the well-trained Admin team. Believe me, Admins do not take that job if they don’t have a passion for helping kids.


It’s hard to be the first face these students see when theirs are soaked with tears, pain, and fear. It’s hard to not want to run over, hug all of them, and tell them that we’ll find a way to get through this together. That the world gets better. Life is so much MORE than high school. That life is worth living and experiencing. We have to be professional, but caring.


I usually can’t do much, but I do what I can. It’s the small things. Listening to a person to vent their frustrations, or talk with them through it. It’s letting someone have a quiet moment to collect their thoughts. It’s offering a tissue when you and they have no words. It’s the little check ins of “Hey, how are you? Haven’t talked to you in a while.” Sitting silently with someone while they process their pain. I firmly believe it’s the little things that make such a difference, and it’s within my power to do so.


I come across hyper, manic, and over-interested when I ask how you are. I could blame the caffeine, but I can’t. I truly care about people. Whether we’re longtime friends and family, or if we’re only mere acquaintances, or have only met once, I genuinely care about what is going on in your life. Your adventures. during sad/bad times, and to support and celebrate the good things, both little and big.

I care about you. I care about us. I care about our world. I don’t care if you’re black, white, gay, straight, bi, gender-fluid, male, female, somewhere outside or in between. I want to see who you ARE. I don’t care what you look like. I will always support and do everything within my means to help you.

People, fellow human beings, I ask you one thing: Just love each other. SUPPORT each other, even if they’re different from you. Stop the petty bickering, the passive-aggressive “holier than thou” attitudes, the elitism. Let go of your ego. As of late, it feels like all I’ve heard from people’s mouths are words of disgust and ignorant hateful comments about our fellow human beings. Our fellow people. Our brothers and sisters of life.

Let’s not make a stand against each other, don’t criticize each other, don’t put each other down, let’s not judge each other. No matter your personal beliefs. Let’s end the hate. Let’s end the ignorance. Let’s break down the barrier that prevents us from seeing what is happening with others.

For me, it’s simple: If you respect me, I respect you. If you don’t respect me, I may not spend time with you anymore. But, if you were ever in trouble or hurt, I will willingly help you to the best of my ability. Even if we haven’t seen each other in years, I will always care about what is going on with you.

I am here with you, supporting you, cheering for you, ready to help you, whether you want it or not. I’m standing with you, ready to face whatever it is you’re facing. If it’s beyond my means, I will go out and find someone better qualified to stand with you on one side, with me on the other side. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. When help is asked it is ALWAYS provided!

Let’s travel through life together. With each other. You’re not alone.






#EverybodyLoveEverybody #LifeLessons #SuicidePrevention #ToWriteLoveOnHerArms

COVER REVEAL – Capture Me: A Roxy Summers Mystery – Releases Fall 2016!

Cover reveal for CAPTURE ME, a Roxy Summers Mystery #1!
Soon available in print and e-book from Trifecta Publishing House coming Fall 2016!
Nothing ends a first date faster than finding a dead body.
Photographer and sassy Seattle-lite Roxy Summers, swears off men after catching her ex-boyfriend, a.k.a. her ex-boss, in a compromising position. Newly single and facing eviction, Roxy puts all distractions (men!) aside as she begins her new job assisting an international fashion photographer and notorious playboy.
No one told Roxy her new job would entail dealing with her new boss’ fiery temper, his emotional girlfriend, his conniving ex-mistress, his partner who has a melt-the-polar-ice-caps blinding smile, have her stumbling over a body, become an amateur detective and find herself annoyingly attracted to Detective Charlie Bennett, who seems determined to put Roxy in handcuffs!
#CaptureMe #GoRoxy #RoxySummers #RoxySummersMystery #KatherineBacher #NewAdult #NewAdultMystery #Mystery #HumorousMystery

Cover reveal for CAPTURE ME by Katherine Bacher! Soon available in print and e-book from Trifecta Publishing House coming Fall 2016! Nothing ends a first date faster than finding a dead body. Photographer and sassy Seattle-lite Roxy Summers, swears off men after catching her ex-boyfriend, a.k.a. her ex-boss, in a compromising position. Newly single and facing eviction, Roxy puts all distractions (men!) aside as she begins her new job assisting an international fashion photographer and notorious playboy. No one told Roxy her new job would entail dealing with her new boss' fiery temper, his emotional girlfriend, his conniving ex-mistress, his partner who has a melt-the-polar-ice-caps blinding smile, have her stumbling over a body, become an amateur detective and find herself annoyingly attracted to Detective Charlie Bennett, who seems determined to put Roxy in handcuffs! #CaptureMe #GoRoxy #RoxySummers #RoxySummersMystery #KatherineBacher #NewAdult #NewAdultMystery #Mystery #HumorousMystery www.katherinebacher.com http://www.trifectapublishinghouse.com

BIG NEWS! Seriously, I am about to tell you some big news!

Alert! Alert! This is not a drill!

Annyeonghasaeo, Precious Readers! (Hello, Precious Readers!)

I’m in South Korea right now, which is pretty awesome and amazing in itself. (Are you following me on Instagram? There’s Seoul pictures there.)

But… that’s not my news…


I was literally stepping off of the plane into Incheon International Airport when I received the news!

I’ve had to stay quiet until the contract was fully signed. Now that it is, I thought you should know immediately after family was contacted!

Are you doing a happy dance? I am.
Are you dancing with me? Awesome!

It is slated for publication by the end of this year, but we’re pushing to have it ready by the time Emerald City Writer’s Conference 2016 arrives. (Are you going to the Passport to Romance Reader Appreciation Event for #ECWC16? You should be.) I was planning on just attending to get more advice, but now I’ll be attending as a newly published author!

Years and years of hard work have paid off, and you’ve been with me and this blog. So THANK YOU! Whether you’ve read this blog from Day 1, or are a newbie reader (helping me go GLOBAL), I appreciate you taking the time to check out my website, blog, and keep up with my misadventures.

Keep an eye here, on Facebook, Twitter, and my Instagram over the next few months as more details come out.

Thank you to everyone at Trifecta Publishing House for taking a chance on an unknown writer! I look forward to working with you!

Love and hugs to all of you. Gamsamnida!  (Thank you!)

– Katherine

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