Frequently Asked Questions
(and Answers!)

Q: Why did you start this blog?
A: Writing a blog keeps me grounded, reminding of life before being published. Ego is a bad thing. It allows me to practice my writing skills on subject matter other than my current Works In Progress (WIP). Also, my life is too weird not to share some of the funnier, embarrassing, and odd moments of life. I also suffer from what’s called “Only Child Syndrome”, and a mild level of narcissism. For more writing credentials and history, I suggest checking out my About Me Page.

Q: Why is there no schedule for your blog?
A: Experience has taught me that if I don’t dedicate my time to writing actual books, they’ll never be completed. I balance writing my books, while also handling 1 full time job, 1 additional part-time job, family, friends, this blog, and overall living my own life. Until I have this “work/life efficiency” thing down, I won’t have a set schedule here. My top priorities work-wise are focused on completing my next book.

Q: You use a lot of nicknames in your blog. Are they real people?
A: Yes. Unless specifically listed as a Writing Exercise, each person I’ve written about exists(ed) in the real world. To protect their privacy, I do not use real names. This includes my husband, Pilot (not his real name). This blog shares my experiences with the world from my set of eyes. However, the world doesn’t have a right to my family/friend’s private lives without their permission. I believe in the trust between you, the reader, and me. I trust that you and the world will respect every person’s right to privacy. Even if my life is selectively private.

Q: Pups? Pups!
A: Nimitz is our puffy Pomeranian who was bald when we met him. For #NimitzThePomeranian’s origin story, click here. Our friend nicknamed him, “The Fabio of Dogs.” (Joined our family in 2015 – present.)

#LouTheChihuahua was our resident snuggler, and the ebony to Nimitz’s ivory. He joined our family in 2015 at 3 years old. We gave him love and a warm home, and he loved us right back. He left this earth, and we miss him dearly, daily. RIP my sweet #LilLou (October 2015 – August 2016.)

#PennyThePup joined our family in 2017 at 5 years old. She is some kind of mixed breed. We *think* king charles mixed with dachshund. Go to Instagram to see her tiny, short legs and super long body. She’s our resident redhead and looks like a fox with a dog face! Pilot calls her “Lady Penny Pilkington.” Yes, he really did give her that name. Not me. (January 2017 – present.)

For pictures of Nimitz, Lou, and Penny, I recommend checking out my Instagram @katnundrum. We are proud co-biped parents to quadri-ped pets, and the internet proves this. Adopt, don’t shop.

Q: When is the next book coming out?
A: Check out my bookshelf!

Q: What is/are the book(s) about?
A: My book(s) are categorized as any combo and all of the following: New Adult, Mystery, Humorous Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Cozy Romance, Romance, Amateur Detective, Private Investigator. (Is that sub-genre enough? I don’t think we have enough adjectives in there.) They are first-person perspective. While the Roxy Summers Mystery Series IS a series, each are standalone books. It’s recommended to read them in order to have a better understanding of characters and backstory, but you don’t have to.

Check out Trifecta Publishing House for more information, and to find other amazing authors!

Q: Is your book scary?
A: Although there are tense moments, my writing is not gory. Think along the lines of the TV shows Murder, She WrotePsych, or Monk in regards to the level of danger.

Q: You covers are so vibrant! Are the books safe for children to read?
A: There’s a short and long answer.

Short answer:
My blog and books are written for an audience 18+ years of age.

Long answer:
My Blog – I choose to share my interactions and experiences with the world. I am an adult, therefore I write as one. I swear in real life, especially when I bang my shin or knee on something. And, my blog will, occasionally, have profanity. Sorry for those with delicate sensitivities. If you’ve read my blog, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or know me at all, you have already figured this out.

My Books – I write each character’s voice based on their personality. If I have a character who is mild-mannered, introverted, quiet, etc. they probably don’t swear, drink, have sex, etc. If I the character is uninhibited, sassy, confrontational, etc. they probably swear, drink, have sex, etc. I say “probably” due to the fact that each person is unique, and I like to think of each of my characters as individuals. My character’s thought processes, decision-making, and manner of speech is dependent on their history, environment, life choices and consequences, and core morals and ethics. However, I will never have graphic sex or violence in my books.

Q: May I read your WIP(s)?
A: Imagine inviting an unknown person to stand in your bedroom and watch you for however long they’d like, and say and do whatever they’d like, while watching you. Writing about real life or fictional worlds is a job, but it is also personal. Authors share a piece of themselves, their mind and imagination, leaving themselves available the world for imminent criticism, ridicule, judgment, joy, laughter, sadness, happiness, and pain. All for the chance and hope that someone enjoy what was written. Even better, gain an audience. What is shared with you and the world is a piece of me and/or my imagination. My words, sweat, tears, blood, and laughter are being shared with you. There is a real person behind this screen. There is a real person sharing these words with you. I am giving you my best. There is a level of trust between Author and Reader. When I trust my words are ready for the public eye, they will be shared.

Also, there are jerks who steal other’s work and sell it as their own. This is called PLAGIARISM and STEALING. Plagiarism is bad. Don’t do it.

Q: May I be a Critique Partner/Alpha Reader/Beta Reader for you?
A: If you’re interested, I would love to discuss this with you. Email me at katherinebacher@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
A: I love supporting local authors within the Pacific Northwest. 50% of what I read/gain inspiration from is mystery and romance. I cannot pick an absolute favorite, because it changes with time. My genre of reading changes with me.

Q: Do you ever use music/a playlist to inspire a scene/character/your book(s)?
A: This is a great strategy that many authors adopt. It helps them set their mind into the mood/environment of the scene they’re writing. I applaud this method, and you should use what works for you. I tried it a few times, but found myself getting distracted, so I do not have suggested playlists at this time. There are a few songs that come to mind about the nature of certain relationships between characters, but I don’t typically have an set soundtrack for an entire book.

Q: Are your characters based on real people?
A: No individual character is based on one singular person. Instead, a character is often an embodiment of characteristics inspired from many people, AND from what I’ve drummed up from my imagination.

Q: Will you review my book, copy edit, proofread my written work?
A: I love supporting fellow authors. This is a rare career field where your competitor is also someone who cheers you on!  I would love to help if there is room in my schedule. Email me at katherinebacher@gmail.com.  Please do not send any unsolicited material. My schedule is limited, so only send materials if directly requested by me.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: Check out my About Me Page.

Q: Are you on social media?
A: Am I on social media? If you mean to ask, “Am I slowly attempting to achieve world domination via social media? Then, YES! Help me take over the world! Mwahahaha!” (Shhh! Keep it a secret, will you? World domination must be done with finesse and subtlety.)

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