Frequently Asked Questions
(and Answers!)

Updated as of April 9, 2021

Q: What’s up with the blog?
A: There is no set schedule for my blog. Experience has taught me if I don’t dedicate time to writing actual books, they’ll never be completed. Unless specifically listed as a Writing Exercise, each person I’ve written about exists(ed) in the real world, but I do not use real names to protect privacy.

Q: When is the next book coming out?
A: The rights to my first three books have been returned to me from my original publisher. I am beginning the process of republishing, which means re-reading, editing, getting new covers, etc. An announcement of when they will again become available for purchase will be made at a later date.

Q: What is/are the book(s) about?
A: My books can be categorized as any combo, and all, of the following: Mystery, Humorous Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romance, Amateur Detective. (Is that sub-genre enough? I don’t think we have enough adjectives in there.) While the Roxy Summers Mystery Series IS a series, each are standalone books. It’s recommended to read them in order to have a better understanding of characters and backstory, but you don’t have to. My blog and books are suggested reading for an audience 18+ years of age.

Q: May I read your WIP(s)?
A: From time to time I will ask for Beta Readers, but it depends on the project and timing. There are people who copy other’s work and sell it as their own. This is called PLAGIARISM and STEALING. Plagiarism is bad. Don’t do it.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
A: I love supporting local authors within the Pacific Northwest. 50% of what I read/gain inspiration from is from mystery and romance, and all of the sub-genres underneath.

Q: Do you ever use music/a playlist to inspire a scene/character/your book(s)?
A: This is a great strategy that many authors adopt. It helps them set their mind into the mood/environment of the scene they’re writing. I applaud this method, and you should use what works for you. I tried it a few times, but found myself getting distracted, so I do not have suggested playlists at this time. There are a few songs that come to mind about the nature of certain relationships between characters, but I don’t have a soundtrack for an entire book.

Q: Are your characters based on real people?
A: No individual character is based on one singular person. Instead, a character is often an embodiment of many characteristics inspired from what I’ve witnessed in myself and others, and from my imagination. I do enjoy using Myers-Briggs descriptions to assist with motivation for characters.

Q: Will you review my book, copy edit, proofread my written work?
A: I am willing to do proofreading, content editing, and copy editing. Email me at katherinebacher@gmail.com.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: Check out my Other Projects and About Me pages.

Q: Are you on social media?
A: Am I on social media? If you mean to ask, “Am I slowly attempting to achieve world domination via social media? Then, YES! Help me take over the world! Mwahahaha!” (Shhh! Keep it a secret, will you? World domination must be done with finesse and secrecy.)

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