about me

Writing is not something you do.
It’s something you cannot stop doing, even if you want to.

This blog contains:
Commentary on life and it’s lessons.
Ponderings of the universe.
Straight talk!

I’m an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Selling Author and a Seattle Sweetie who was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. I may trip, stumble, fall on a hive of bees, slip in a mud puddle, get stuck up in a tree and hit every branch on the way down, but I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not waiting for something to happen.  I’m making it happen!

I have a wacky, positive view of the world. I’m an avid reader with a knack for writing stories since childhood. At age five I won second place in a children’s poetry contest. The prize? A stuffed animal in the form of a little sheep. I’ve been hooked on writing ever since. Sheepie stands on a shelf in my parent’s home. I’m a proud graduate of Central Washington University’s print journalism program. During my time at CWU I was a copy editor for the student newspaper, The Observer. (Go Wildcats! C-WOO FOREVER!)

You can find me writing in my home state of Washington, balancing a husband-of-many-hats, being a co-biped parent to goofy dogs, cheering for my favorite hockey team, and enjoying a classy glass of wine.

Would you believe a sort-of-classy glass of wine?

Ok, fine. I enjoy wine from my plastic Red Green Show mug.


Blog – www.katherinebacher.com
Facebook – Katherine Bacher Author Page
Twitter – @katnundrum
Instagram – @katnundrum
Trifecta Publishing House – www.trifectapublishinghouse.com

All writing exercises are proprietary to me.
If you’re going to use my content, CITE ME.
(Plagiarism is bad. Really bad.)

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