auld lang syne, the good old days, and all that jazz

Every day above ground is a good day. Period.
– Gene Simmons quoting his mother, a Holocaust survivor

I’m thankful for every morning I wake up.

Sexy Man God – I mean, Brad Pitt: You scared?

Matt Damon: You suicidal?

SMG Brad: Only in the morning. 

(As quoted from Ocean’s Eleven.)

Ok, so it’s really about 50/50, but that’s better than zero.

All kidding aside-

Well, for the next paragraph at least.

It’s a new year, and I have a new sense of purpose.  Precious Readers, I hope you haven’t felt abandoned.  Contrary to the idea, I’ve thought more about this blog during my hiatus than when I first began.

I’ve been at the New Job for almost a year now.  Time has gone by incredibly fast.  t keep.  For those who follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen this list.

For those who don’t… Why not?  Go ahead and find me on Facebook and let’s be friends!

2013 Results

  1. Still thankful for Pilot
  2. Nimitz joined the family

We got a new pup, named him Nimitz:

Nimitz - 2013 - 01 02

He’s very sleepy in this photo, as you can tell by the clock saying it’s almost 1:00am.

3.   No health issues
4.   New job
5.   Old friends/New friends, and even hosted some movie nights
6.   Broke the birthday curse
7.   Met some of my all-time favorite authors and even got to close out the year as a Beta Reader for one of them
8.   Hockey, Hockey, Hockey
9.   Learned a bunch of new recipes
10. Managed to take days off here and there for relaxation

2014 Resolutions

  1. Will make time to keep up with my blog again, at least once a month, and update the format

That’s right!  Yours truly will be giving the ol’ blog a facelift, Joan Rivers style!  When will it happen?  You’ll have to stay tuned!

2.   Finish writing a second and third booCompile a list of literary agents
3.   Finish 1 painting a month

What?  I write. I sing. I paint.  I’m a regular, Korean-born-German-by-association-American Renaissance woman!

4.   Visit loved ones far away at least twice
5.   Save up for my first, full 2-week (or more) vacation and TAKE ONE!
6.   Get Nimitz to stop freaking out at other people
7.   Hockey, Hockey, Hockey
8.   Make at least 10 loaves of bread with new bread maker

We got a breadmaker and am LOVING IT.  With as many sandwiches Pilot eats, it was a worthwhile investment.

9.   Read at least 100 books

I know, I know. Not much of a goal when I go through books like a machete through red tape!

10.   Find a way to start saving for a down payment on a permanent residence.

Who has two thumbs and is looking to put down some roots?
<points at self with thumbs>
This gal!

As always, I’m grateful.  Grateful to have been blessed to experience the past, and have been blessed with the ability to plan a future!  A very special shout out to my amazing and supportive hubby, Pilot!  Without his undying support of me, I am merely a shell of a human being.

WOOT FOR 2014!

What are your resolutions and what are you grateful for?  Love starting out the year with joy and hope!