Live Tweeting Breakups

Patricia John makes an excellent point about live-tweeting life events, from a third-party perspective. In the new world of living in a fishbowl, whether we want to or not, it’s also created a world of public shaming.

There used to be a chasm between private issues and public entertainment. In today’s world, this is now a line so tiny and fuzzy, society tends to forget the separation existed.

It never hurts to pay attention to the inkling that something should remain private. Especially if that something DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU. Just because you are an observer of a private moment between other people, doesn’t give you the right to share. Especially sharing to anyone with access to an internet connection without the permission from the subjects themselves.

Do you think the world has become too public?
Do you believe public shaming is an issue in line with the times?
Would you stop someone from filming another person’s private moment, or leave it be?

Patricia Johns

I’m a people watcher. I enjoy strangers. I wonder about their lives and their relationships. One of my favorite games is watching couples in the mall and trying to figure out the level of their relationship from first date to married for forty years. However, people watching has exploded into a disturbing trend: live tweeting.

For example: this story where a woman live tweeted a couple breaking up on a plane. There have been others like it… a couple’s first date, a couple’s’ argument, that sort of thing, and the public gobbles them up. There is something about an actual couple’s issues that grabs our attention. That shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s mean spirited.

There was a time when you heard something interesting from strangers that you might tell someone about it later. But taking pictures of them and live tweeting the action takes that to a whole new…

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