NOR Spring Fling – FREE BOOKS Alert! (April 12-May 3, 2018) **CONTEST CLOSED**

Hello, hello again, Precious Readers!


I’ve got a special reader TREAT for you!


I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Romance Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt! 

During this event I’m going to help you find some great new books and meet some new authors. Translation = FREE BOOKS! FREE BOOKS! MANY, MANY FREE BOOKS!


Make sure to check out my featured titles Capture Me and Crush On You along the way. If you haven’t read my books, this is a chance to get a FREE copy of them! Of course, I’d want you to help support an author by purchasing them, but if you want to get them free, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up on Roxy Summers’ mysterious adventures! Also, this helps you get caught up on both books before my third book, Missing You releases in June 2018.

The Grand Prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

NOR Stamp
Not to worry, there are also over $900 in prizes waiting to get to your eager hands! (Again, along with many FREE BOOKS!)

Event Dates: Apr 12 – May 3


Looking forward to seeing you there! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

– KB

Haven’t read the Roxy Summers Mystery SeriesYou have time to catch up!
Start with Capture Me and meet Roxy in a case of cat-and-mouse for a grand Seattle adventure! Then, travel with Roxy to sunny Los Angeles for a food competition to die for in her sequel novel, Crush On You! Roxy’s third book, Missing You releases in June 2018. Keep an eye out on my bookshelf page for pre-order links closer to the release date!


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2 thoughts on “NOR Spring Fling – FREE BOOKS Alert! (April 12-May 3, 2018) **CONTEST CLOSED**

    • Hello, permajoy! Thank you for your kind words. I am in awe of, and in love with, the vivacity of the covers for Roxy Summers’ mysteries. My books will never be “Stephen King scary,” and are meant to be humorous. Fun fact: the original CRUSH ON YOU (Roxy #2) cover was drafted as ORANGE! I asked for additional mock ups and had my alpha and beta readers vote on colors. Though the designer thought purple clashed too harshly, the fans and I were in agreement that purple was the better choice. For me, I love how brightly and cheerfully CAPTURE ME (Roxy #1) and CRUSH ON YOU (Roxy #2) stand beside each other on shelves.


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