fighting the winter blues

“ ‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.”
– Henry David Thoreau

– Katherine Bacher

Precious Readers, you have been gypped. I have had difficulty figuring out what to post due to one reason, and one reason only.

I have been lazy.

My Daily Life has become a horrible gob of work, illness and stuffed sinuses. Not that it’s an excuse.  You have a right to know, that when I become sick, I become a complete and total hermit.

I don’t do anything. I don’t speak to anyone. I don’t like to have sunlight in my dark, dank cavernous apartment.  The sick days basically sum up to me sitting in a chair or curled up in bed with my iPad or remote cortrol, losing myself to whatever happens to be on the screen and block out the world.

Surely my office is none too happy with me right now. It’s the beginning of a new year, and I’ve already called in sick 3 times this January. My haughtiness about not catching the cold/flu going around my office has been in vain. Karma has bitch slapped me harder than a pimp smacks with the face of his watch.

Separately, I find myself extremely down in morale lately. Times are tough, my job is hard, the commute is seizure-inducing and my brain is slowly breaking down into a pile of winter-blues-goo.

However, my recluse has not entirely been in vain. More inspiration for my writing has ventured through my snot-filled head, and the words of my characters have floated through my clogged ear canals. Also, to keep myself occupied during Seattle’s hibernation season: I have re-picked up crocheting to pass the time.

Although the two hats attempted have not been large enough to fit my Charlie-Brown-pumpkin-sized head, the first will work for my baby niece, and the second one will fit my baby niece when she is in elementary school.

If this pattern keeps up, I’ll have made a hat large enough for my anvil-sized skull by hat attempt #5.

So, my apologies, Precious Readers that this post is not entirely inspirational, nor filed with lessons learned. It is merely the musings of a tea-and-Day-Quil-monitored brain desperate to make sure some form of a post is sent out into the blogosphere.

How do you beat the winter blues?

What are your best cold/flu remedies?

What steps do you take for keeping motivated and inspired?